Frequently asked questions about propertytaxcard

If you are a township interested in starting a property tax reward program in your town, please contact us at (732) 946-0919 or by email at admin@propertytaxcard.com. We will be happy to provide you with additional information.

If you have a question, please contact us at the above email address or phone number. Thank you.

  • +What is the Property Tax Reward (PTR) program?
  • The PTR program is a Township economic development initiative that provides property tax dollars as an incentive for residents to shop in town. A property tax reward card (a swipe card) is made available to all Township residents. After enrolling in the program, residents may use the PTC at local participating merchants and accumulate property tax dollars towards their tax bill.
  • +How does a typical transaction work?
  • The cost of a dinner for four at a restaurant participating in the PTR program with a 20% property tax reward is $200. When paying for the check (either cash or credit), you will also present your property tax reward card. The reward card is then swiped and a $40 property tax credit (less processing and management fees) is generated. Rewards will be credited to your property tax bill before your next tax bill is issued.
  • +How do I obtain a PTR card?
  • Please contact your township for information on how to obtain your reward card. If your township does not have a PTR program, please have them contact our Customer Service department (732)946-0919 or email us at Admin@propertytaxcard.com . We will be pleased to provide them with information on how to start a program in your town.
  • +I rent my house. Can I benefit from the program?
  • Yes. When you register your card, check the  Renters box and provide your information. The Renters option will appear in the  registration form only if your township program allows renters to participate. Yearly, a check for the total rebates you have accrued will be mailed to you. A $10 check handling fee will be deducted from your accumulated rebates.
  • +Can I obtain and register multiple cards?
  • Yes. You can register as many cards as you need. If for example your household includes four shoppers, you may obtain four cards and register them all under the same address and block and lot number. Therefore your property tax bill will be credited every time any of the four cards is used.
  • +How do I keep track of my property tax credits?
  • After you register your card on this web site, you will be able to check your card(s) activity and property tax savings.
  • +Where do I find the list of businesses participating in my town’s PTC program?
  • The list of local participating merchants is under the Participation tab after you enter the name of your town.
  • +Can I use a coupon in conjunction with the PTC?
  • As a general rule, businesses do not accept multiple discount offers. However, the merchant will make that determination when joining the program. 
  • +Can I return an item and get full credit?
  • Yes. Store return policies do not change. You will need to submit your rebate receipt and the reward card when returning an item for full credit. If a return takes place after funds were already transferred to the Township, you will be entitled only to full store credit or, at the merchant's option, to a refund of your purchase amount less the property tax reward paid by the merchant. However, the above is subject to the store return policy. If the reward card and the reward receipt are not produced, only a store creditwill be provided.
  • +I am a business owner in a town that has a PTR program. How do I provide property tax credits to my customers?
  • First, you would need to enroll in the program. You may register on line by proceeding to your town and opening the Business Registration link on the blue menu bar. You may also email us at Admin@propertytaxcard.com or call our Customer Service number (732)946-0919. After you enroll, you are now ready to provide property tax credits to your customers. When you complete a sale, together with the normal payment for goods and services, the cardholder will also present its PTC. You will swipe the card in a dedicated processing terminal that we will provide. You may choose our easy-to-use web terminal if you have access to the internet. Processing the card will result in a rebate on sale. You, the merchant, will determine the rebate percentage at the time of your enrollment in the program. Every week, the accumulated rebates will be collected by Fincredit from your designated checking account. Yearly, the rebates will be applied to your customer s property tax bill.
  • +What is the cost of enrolling my business in the PTR program?
  • Your monthly cost to participate is $10. If you choose to process transactions with a terminal (similar to a credit card machine), the cost is $160 for a dial-up terminal. If you elect to process transactions on line, you don't need to purchase any equipment.
  • +As a business participant, what is a good rebate to offer?
  • What you offer to the cardholder is entirely up to you. Rebates vary widely from business to business. A grocer may have a 35-40% gross profit, and offer 10%; an exclusive restaurant 300-400% and offer a 30% reward. Each business will determine its rebate percentage when enrolling in the program. We do require, however, that your rewards be comsistent with what you normally offer in your marketing campaigns.
  • +What are the advantages to participating businesses?
  • Thanks to the appeal of property tax rebates, local businesses should enjoy a higher business volume. Furthermore, continued support by the township should provide a high awareness for local businesses. An additional feature is that you will have access to the email addresses of customers that used the card at your business. Finally, your business banner and website link will be featured on www.propertytaxcard.com at no extra cost.
  • +What is the township cost when starting a Property Tax Reward program?
  • The program is virtually cost free to the township. The town will need to purchase the cards to distribute to its residents. We recommend finding a sponsor to purchase the cards. In return, the sponsor will have its logo imprinted on the back of the card. The Township will also provide the stores with window clings and stamps (for stamping receipts). Ongoing marketing is instrumental for the success of the PTC program. Local TV, billboards, paper, mailing, internet, school field signs are all valid marketing efforts.
  • +How are accumulated homeowners credits paid to the township and deducted from the homeowner's tax bill?
  • Yearly, Fincredit Inc. will electronically obtain from the township's billing company the property tax bill for all the blocks and lots. The credits will then be applied to each block and lot and the new updated record will be sent back to the township and its billing company. At the same time, the funds will be transferred to the Township’s bank account. The new bill issued to the homeowners will indicate the credit. Fincredit Inc. will hold funds in a dedicated account at a local bank.